RSS Feed Guide

What is RSS?

RSS or RDF Site Summary is an XML application (Extensible Markup Language) according to the W3Schools specification level. It is a news syndication format and is used as an agent to obtain news or data online from web pages that support this application.

What is RssReader?
RssReader is a program that allows you to receive news or information from web pages that support RSS applications directly to your desktop. To learn more about RssReader, please go to this page

RSS on the ILPKS Website
This RSS application facility is specially provided for the use of ILPKS website users to get the latest information on the latest information issued by ILPKS. Through this application, it is hoped that ILPKS can channel the latest information from the ILPKS website faster and more effectively.

Through these RSS Feeds also:

  1. You can choose to read the news you want and be relevant to the wishes
  2. You indirectly obtain reliable information and prevent unwanted information (Spam)
  3. You can find out the latest information about ILPKS faster and more effectively
  4. The news or information displayed is up to date without having to visit this page

RssReader installation steps

Step 1:
Download install Microsoft.NET framework first if you are not using Windows 2003 or the latest version of Windows XP.
The easiest way is to update or visit Microsoft How to Get the .NET Framework 1.1 .

Step 2:
Download the following RssReader or rssreader.exe

Step 3:
Install RssReader.
If you download the .zip version unzip the file first and run the setup.exe .
Keep running if you download the .exe version.

Mobile / Tablet User
This website supports display on all resolutions. So phone/tablet users will experience the same as browsing using a computer/labtop.