Most frequent questions and answers

There are currently 29 Manpower Department Training Institutions namely 6 ADTEC, 1 JMTI and 22 ILP. All of them are under the supervision of the Department of Manpower (JTM), Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR).

Some are and some are not, for example courses – courses in ILP are the same (depending on the field), the courses at ADTEC are also the same.

Recruitment to ILJTM is made two (2) times a year in January and July. Applications received after the closing date of the application at the relevant session will be processed for the entry of the next session. Application to ILJTM is opened online through ILPKS or JTM website; http://www.jtm.gov.my (SKM Graduate Program & Energy Commission) without using the Unique ID Number and UPU website: http://upu.mohe.gov.my (SPM Graduate Program) by using the Unique ID Number.

Yes, all courses conducted at ILJTM are accredited by the Department of Skills Development (JPK – the former name MLVK) and an added bonus to those who attend training at ILJTM where there is an addition to the subjects taught so that the students are better prepared for the world of work.

The stipulated time range from 6 months to 3 years 6 months. However, it depends on the program to be followed whether it is a certificate, diploma and advanced diploma.

JTM, in principle, does not set any age limit to allow all communities to participate in training at ILJTM, in accordance with the slogan of lifelong learning. However, due to certain reasons such as lending and so on, the age setting should be set between 17 years and 35 years (depending on the programme to be followed). However, those who are not eligible with the age limit can still attend training in some programmes such as short-term training offered at ILJTM.

Yes, students from ILJTM have the opportunity to continue their training either at ILJTM itself or at other training institutions that offer skills-based courses.

All courses conducted are based on the training standards set by JPK. Courses – courses conducted are also suitable for employment in the private sector (industry). According to our statistics, it shows that a total of 80% of ILJTM graduates are able to get a job after 6 months of completion of training in various industry sectors.

The courses conducted are courses based on skills, with emphasis on skills (between 60 % to 70 %), while theoretical (between 30 % and 40 %).

No, JTM is only involved in the provision of training programmes to train industrial workers and to produce skilled workforce for the needs of the industry.